I got lucky this week!  Along with working with my one on one clients, I started working with a new group of 13 motivated men and women.  Our topic this week was mindset- one of my favorite subjects.

One of the mindset points I made was about generalizations- something I had noticed clients doing lately, and even catching myself a time or two.  Generalizations are words and phrases like:  all of the time, never, all men, all women, everytime I__________,  always, everything.   An example would be a salesperson saying something like “The market is bad and everyone is doing poorly right now.”  Or someone saying : “Everytime I try to meet new people it never works out.”  (two of them in that sentence, did you catch that?)

Generalizations are a cop out, an excuse, usually said with some level of drama.  The best way I have found to conquer generalization-itis is to just go on a campaign to stamp it out.  Just endeavor to become aware of doing it- don’t beat yourself up when you, just notice.  Be patient, you may have been generalizing for a long time!  When you notice that you have made a generalization, ask yourself that great question “Is is true?”  And if it is not true, go ahead and say what really IS true.  One of my clients generalized herself right out of many sales, believing that things were different than they were and not questioning it.  It happens all the time in all areas of our lives.  The things we are missing out on due to generalizations!

Another great tip is to tell others that you are on this campaign and ask them to hold you accountable.  They can ask you “Is that really true?” when they hear you generalizing.  Maybe they will even want to join you.

Why the big deal?  Generalizing dis-empowers you, allows you to play small and keeps you from reaching your goals.  If you are okay with this, and none of my clients are, then don’t sweat it.  If you are not, then go ahead- watch your mouth!