Who are you really? Take the time to know.

There are so many versions of who we are- roles we play, who others experience us as and depending upon the season of life we are in, there will be a lot of moving parts of us. The big version of you I am thinking of today is who you think you are. Taking time … Continued


Consistency is described as steady continuity when I look at definitions. I learned from Darren Hardy and other great mentors over the years that things that you do consistently add up. They compound. This is worth looking at for a minute because it doesn’t matter whether the things we are doing are good for us … Continued

Set Yourself Up For Good Luck!

I know it’s cheesy, but I grew up celebrating all holidays fully- all of the ones my family new about, which honestly were probably just the ones that were commercialized. So when it comes to March I think of Leprechauns, good luck, pots of gold, rainbows and four leaf clovers. Now besides those things coming … Continued

Making Your Life Even More Meaningful

I had the honor of working with a group this week around the subject of meaning in life and at work. We all wrote down a list of things that are meaningful to us. This is such a good start to creating more meaning- identifying what is already meaningful so that you can build upon … Continued

What season are you in?

If you’ve been following along, you have noticed I have talked a lot about resting and solitude lately. I wonder how that is resonating with you right now? I am going to switch gears in a big way on you this week. And that means it is the opposite of rest- it is about getting … Continued

Solitude Strengthens You

How are you about spending time alone? Expanding on last week’s post, into the realm of love we discover that this is really important to building love within yourself- for yourself first, and then to be shared with others in relationships. Solitude, again, gives you the space to really get to know yourself fully. When … Continued

It All Started with an Orange Chair

My old mentor Mike Ferry used to talk about taking consistent thinking time, to pause and see what ideas might arise. I always like the sound of this idea, but it wasn’t until I joined the John Maxwell Team and ┬áheard John talk about his “Thinking Chair”– a beautiful orange chair where he sat everyday … Continued

2023, Your Year of Creativity

Do you view yourself as creative? In 6th grade my art teacher, who knew my mother well, remarked to me during one fateful class, “You just aren’t creative like your mother is.” An art teacher confusing creativity with the ability to draw! I didn’t realize his mistake (on many levels), and my mistake in internalizing … Continued

Change it up!

This is a theme I revisit often on this blog! As we get grooving into this new year, it was up for me to revisit again. I encourage you to think of the many other ways, things, places you could do besides the things I am mentioning here. I encourage you to read and let … Continued