The Right Yes

August is all about the YES in my world, and if you choose to follow along, you may never look at your “yeses” quite the same way again! I am also on month two of building resilience. When you say the right yeses for you, your resilience will build as you create more energy in your … Continued

Challenge Your Way to Resilience

I love good challenge! I think I have always been one to take one on and I have rarely thought of the bigger picture benefits. A challenge always stretches you and teaches you about yourself. Whether you finish it or not. Because I am focused on resilience this month and I have also been doing … Continued

Cleanse Your Way to Resilience

Resilience is top of mind right now. On my mind because I chose the word as my theme for the month of July! On everyone else’s mind because it is beginning to be recognized as a very important strength to cultivate in order to live a flourishing life in today’s world. Some definitions of resilience: … Continued

Content While Contending

I was taught that contentment is something to avoid in my life. First by someone who was trying to keep me from changing, who was shaming me (unknowingly) for wanting to have more. They told me that I should just be happy with what I had. This didn’t work for me because I knew there … Continued

Own Your Pace

Own Your Pace! This phrase has meant a lot to me- ever since I heard it earlier in the week. There is so much going on in the world right now, pace is everything. There can be a lot of frenzied energy and there can be a lot of hurry up and wait. There can … Continued

Where Attention Goes

This is something I have heard time and time again, you may have heard it, too. Not only have I heard it, I have seen it play out in my life and in the lives of those around me. Where attention goes, energy flows. What that means to me is that whatever I am paying … Continued

My Top 8 Questions That Lead to a Great Day

One of the things I have enjoyed most about my journey as a coach is all that I have learned that has helped me to grow in my own life. Studying and asking great questions is one of them. Asking great questions is the most powerful thing a coach does. And to be powerful, they … Continued

Find Your Helpers

This has been a rough week for so many of us. I know I don’t need to name all of the reasons why because you are all probably watching the news and talking to people and seeing pop ups on your computer and you’re most likely spending time on some type of social media. As … Continued