What’s Important About Reading?

It’s time for 2023 Summer reading– one of my favorite times of the year! I like to take this opportunity to remind and reflect on the importance of reading- both fiction and non-fiction. Most people I talk to lean one way or the other on the type of books they like to read. I love … Continued

Do Something Different

It is such a great time of year to reflect on the what we have experienced so far in 2023. It is always a great time to reflect on life as a whole. With the presence of spring and soon to be summer it can also be a good time to shake things up a … Continued

Getting Lighter

My word for 2023 is presence– I have been working on being in the moment more than thinking about the future and what is coming next. Always the planner, I found myself missing what was happening “now.” I noticed the book Lighter by yung pueblo– who I have been following for some time- the subtitle- … Continued

You. On Retreat.

Have you ever taken yourself on retreat?  Retreats are one of the important topics I cover in my book- The Successful Coaches Business Development Planner- but retreats are not just for coaches. They are for everyone. Some of you are old pros at retreats- take this as a reminder to get your next one scheduled … Continued

Becoming More Courageous

How courageous are you? Whether you would call yourself courageous, or not, we all have the potential for great courage. The key is to start where you are and not to compare to others, not to judge yourself. What I might find challenging, might to you see like nothing at all. In his book Courage … Continued

Simplify to Amplify

This week in my YouTube video I shared an idea, a twist in mindset for planning your week. The idea is to view your week ahead like you’re planning a trip- creating an itinerary. I love this idea- it really feels fun! Check it out! Here on the blog I wanted to get a little … Continued

Celebrating the Gift of Coaching!

May 8-14 is International Coaching Week and I am taking this opportunity to celebrate! I have seen the gift of coaching in action in my own life, as well as with my clients for over 21 years now. If you haven’t experienced it yourself and aren’t sure what it is, here’s a definition for you … Continued

Time for a Challenge!

Okay– you’ve made it through 4 months of 2023!  May and spring are here! I am proposing that you set yourself up on a challenge or maybe even two, to start the new month! What will your challenge be? –Do something differently than you usually do. –Do something you have never done before. –Do something … Continued

30 Days of YOU!

Back in 2020 I was working with a great client who was all about taking her life and business to the next level. Out of that session the 30 Days of You Intensive (Hers was called the 30 Days of ___________-her name.) was born! I created a course that many have now taken and it … Continued