Mindset May- Creating Your Reality

Because of vacation, I only have a few short weeks to do the topic of mindset justice, so I am going to dig right in! I have been talking about mindset for so long that it is no longer about skimming the surface for me. It is digging deep into the stuff that holds us … Continued

Refresh for No Regret

I am at the beach this week and doing a lot of walking, thinking, listening to books and reading. Right now I am listening to Jeff Bezos book Invent and Wander and something he does, struck me right away and I want to share it with you. When making decisions, we fast forwards himself to … Continued

Refresh your time, refresh your life!

As I continue to work with my theme of refresh this month, I am thinking a lot about time. Maybe it is spring cleaning mode, but I am feeling the urge to shake things up and change my schedule a bit. Refreshing your schedule can be exhilarating– when was the last time you did it? … Continued

Refresh Your Happiness

If you can truly get your head around this, you will live a happy life. An audacious prediction, I know. Here it is: You are the only one responsible for your happiness. AND part two- you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. Whew what a relief! Maybe it feels like relief to you, but … Continued

Make Rejoicing an Everyday Thing

If you’ve been following along with me the past few months, you most likely heard me talk about, or read something I have written about celebrating. I realized I had not been sharing wins with the world at large, or even with my closest friends. Celebration is acknowledging something significant or happy in a social … Continued

Time for a Re-set!

This is the perfect time for a re-set! We have just reached the end of the first quarter and I am thinking a lot about doing my quarterly review. In my book The Successful Coach’s Business Development and Planning Calendar I offer outlines for yearly goals, monthly, weekly and the quarterly review. We are just … Continued

Mindset Blown!

If you’ve been reading my blog for almost any amount of time you will realize I can be a bit of a broken record in that I think and talk about mindset A LOT! I wrote about thinking bigger in last week’s newsletter. Today is a different twist. It is about expanding your mindset by … Continued

You, Taking Up Space

When I think about expansion (my word for this month) one of the things I consider is taking up more space. (Please read the last two posts for more on expansion in your life) Many of us have dealt with challenging situations in our lives. ┬áIf these have been at all around being rejected, made … Continued

It’s Time to Think Big Again

Expansion– it’s my theme for the month of March. I have written about thinking big before and it’s coming up for me now. With maybe a little slant. The word expansion makes me think about thinking bigger, so does coming out of the closed in feeling of winter into spring. Like I have been hibernating … Continued