I write a post like this every year at this time! Does this happen to you- do you still get that back to school feeling like you should go back to school clothes shopping, school supply shopping, and excitement about learning new things.

When we were growing up we did things like deciding to reinvent our style, or we grew over the summer, or got braces. One thing was for there were always changes in who we were at the start of each new school year.

Where are you at now with your “schooling”? If you are in school currently continuing your education, then you can skip the rest of this. though you may still like these thoughts.

Now that we are grown up we have the ability to be the curator of our continued learning. Think about what you have always wanted to learn, but haven’t studied.

Or something you liked studying in high school and would like to learn more. Suddenly I am really interested in some science topics and in history. I have always had a curious mind, but these subjects have never previously been my focus. I am at this time interested in learning more in these areas.

What could you learn about that would enhance the work you do and the results you get? Or increase the enjoyment of your life. Maybe you are ready for a side hustle. (starting your own business while you work at your job)

Here are a few ideas if you’ve got the back to school “bug”:

  • Take a look at all of the books you have already bought and make a 90 day plan to read them- or some of them!
  • Study a certain theme that you are interested in by reading, listing to audios, taking a class- in person or virtually, and taking yourself on field trips!
  • Hire a teacher or tutor to work with you.
  • Start a study group to read on a subject and take turns running the group and discussing learning.
  • Immerse yourself by taking a break and spending a period of time studying in a focused way.

These are just a few ideas- the fun part is that no one is going to tell you what class you can take, or what you have to study- you get to choose and it can be anything. It can be so empowering to learn something new. When you become engaged in learning, especially challenging yourself it increases happiness and confidence and these things will affect your entire life in a positive way.

Create your curriculum- full schedule, or one “class”- you decide. And maybe you will want to get some new school supplies and a new outfit, too!

Back to school 2017!! Enjoy!!

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