I had a chance to hear a pretty funky, cool lady speak on Sunday.  Her name was Coby Kozlowski and the name of her talk was Wave Rider.  It intrigued me- the title- and the essence, learning to live the spirit of yoga in your whole life, not just on the mat.  Riding the waves- the ups and downs in life- with grace and in every good way possible.

She talked about things I had heard before, just in a little different way, and shared her personal stories and was really real.  She layed it all out and spoke authentically about many of the waves in her life.

Here is my top ten via Coby’s talk for embracing now (ideas, thoughts and actions- my interpretation):

1-Be with whatever season you are in and bring your best to it- don’t fight what is happening, it IS the season whether you fight or not.  Learn to skillfully participate with the season.  We create our own suffering when we wish our seasons of life away.

2-Get off Facebook and start hanging out with one another for real!

3-Don’t fight for things that are never going to happen.  Instead focus on something that you love and have passion for and can make a reality.

4-Be composting in our lives- take the s**t in our lives and compost it into something useful.

5-Journal each morning before starting the day: What my life is about today is…..

6-Transformation is just a 1 degree shift- it requires you to show up (with intention) and to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

7-We forget things just for the sweetness of remembering them.

8-Do what works- if it’s not working- do something else! (for goodness sake!)

9-Do enough. Not too much, not too little.

10-Get resourceful.  To make it happen- gather my resources- use my head, strategize and get creative.

The talk was, overall, a reminder that life is here now, it is up to me to bring my best to it in every moment.  And I was reminded not a moment too soon as I enjoyed a beautiful, hope of spring coming soon kind of day here in Vermont today, with a huge snow storm- probably biggest of the season- looming and due to arrive in the next several hours.  From coat unzipped and sneakers to bundled and boots- AGAIN.  I am already thinking about how I will Embrace the snow and just be with it- where my usual response might be to complain and wish it away.  Thanks Universe for the perfect opportunity to practice and……

Thanks to Coby for the inspiration that is staying with me throughout my week!  Look her up at her website: www.cobyk.com