Join this group on Facebook! Cultivating and living in a state of high vibration is something I have been learning about and experimenting with since the start of 2020. I am excited to share thoughts, ideas, information and suggestions on how to build your own more positive, inspired, and empowered state of being during the month of May.

I decided to do this now for several reasons- number one being that in my conversations with clients and others, I am hearing that people are wanting this type of positive input right now. Also, May is my birthday month and this is my way of giving a gift to all of you to celebrate! We will lift and learn together throughout the month, leading to finishing the month in a better place- whatever that means to you- than we start out! Along with the daily post I will include coaching questions, and a daily challenge that you can accept (or not). The more you engage in the daily questions and challenges, the more benefit you will receive. This group is for anyone who wants to enjoy life more right now!

To get ready: Get out a new pad of paper or journal to use this month, just for this challenge. Decide to be open minded and to accept the challenges along the way. Feel free to introduce yourself to the group.

This will be a place of positivity and encouragement. It is okay to talk about your struggles, but the balance of what you say I want to ask you to focus yourself on positives and your experiences in engaging with the daily info, questions and challenges.

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