I invite you to join me for a day long retreat of breakthroughs, and restoration, re-set your year and becoming uplifted.  It’s almost hard to describe a retreat like this, and your experience will be very personal.  I will orchestrate your day for you, the bones of it.  Some working in a room together- but always on your own (there can be connecting and will with the amazing participants, but I WILL NOT be making you partner up for exercises :)), at least half of the time you will have the opportunity to go off into the beautiful location in/around the Inn for your focused time. I will be there to guide you when/if needed by laser coaching and asking you questions to help you to those breakthroughs and moving forward.

Retreats are something that the most successful people in business and life use to take stock, make decisions, plans, and to strategize their time, priorities and focus moving forward. The take the time for reflection to see what is working and not working and what they are learning.  The take the time to decide what they want to expand and what to leave behind.

I look forward to having you be a part of this amazing day and experience.  Click the link for more info and to sign up today!