The 100 Day Challenge, Day 59:

Although I am a big proponent of living in the moment- so as not to miss the awesomeness of each and every moment- there is something that I have always done since as far back as I can remember.  I have always rejoiced in having something fun and exciting to look forward to.  (big or small)

In reading the book, A Prosperous Life by Julia Cameron (author of The Artist’s Way) I was reminded of this idea.  (I do this naturally and since it is a habit I have, I tend not to give it much thought.)  She expresses the thought that even though big dreams we have may be out of reach this minute- we don’t have to live in the world of all or nothing.  For instance, maybe a person longs to be a painter, and is very talented, but life’s current circumstances won’t allow for it.  The person, feeling the impossibility of the situation, may not spend ANY time painting.  Cameron suggests taking a step to bring what you want into your life.  This person could plan to spend a certain amount of time painting each day or week, take a class, teach a class, and more.  Doing the thing that you long to do brings the energy of it into your life where amazing and surprising opportunities show up and experiences can begin to happen.

I am a big advocate of just having every day life, fun things to look forward to.  Lunch or dinner with people you enjoy and can laugh with (even planning weeks out), having a certain food that you love (see, these do not need to be GARGANTUAN things to look forward to), game night with the family, seeing a movie that you have wanted to see, traveling to a certain place (you can start to make plans for that YEARS in advance, even, by just starting to research online and read books about the place starting today).  I even look forward to the day of the week I will take a walk in the place I love.  I am the queen of getting excited about every little thing.  I line them up each day, each week.

The KEY is that I do not wait for things to happen for me….I plan them MYSELF!  If I waiting for my friends to plan a gathering, ,maybe I would never see them.  I have certain friends that I ONLY see if I reach out and plan the outing.  We have a great time together, so it’s so worth it!

On this last day of Mindset March, I want to leave you with this.  A HUGE  part of keeping a powerful and positive mindset is to keep in the place of feeling good.  When you plant little excitements and things to look forward to throughout your life, that goes a long way toward staying positive EVERY day of your life!

What will you plan first?