I constantly question my reality- especially when I meet up with someone with conflicting views or information.  I notice in my work that when people feel powerless they tend to blame others or circumstances outside of themselves.  There is a lot of blame and victimhood running around. 

The person didn’t like me, they played favorites, it wasn’t fair, they had an advantage and I could go on….  These are excuses, many times, for poor performance.  It doesn’t mean that sometimes these things aren’t really happening it just means that…..

Sometimes we just weren’t the best person for the job, or we didn’t have the skills, or we didn’t present well,  and I could go on…… 

This is called reality.  Let’s stop making excuses and put our best selves to work.  Get the feedback and make the changes necessary- yes these are things YOU can control- to get what you want.  Be the best one!  Figure out what your best strengths and resources are put those to work for you, rather than lamenting the strengths and resources you do not have.

The Thinking Styles Assessment is a great one to really clarify how you think, what your strengths are and what might challenge you.  If you are really ready to look at reality- here and now- let me know!