My long time  dear friend Greg Couture lost his three year battle with cancer last Friday, September 17.   I want to write in honor of him- and as I am writing I am thinking about one of the things his brother Michael said at the funeral as he began his speech- the best person to talk about Greg would be Greg!  No one could tell a story better and with more animation.

His funeral was held yesterday and a group of us gathered later in the day for story telling.  The common thread in all of our stories was humor- we were laughing continuously and Greg had a way of making laughter happen.  We also marvelled at how he had connected so many of us. 

He has now connected us in a great big mission.  When something was important to Greg, he was relentless.  I want to introduce you to the Mahana Magic Foundation.  Greg created this foundation- named for his two beautiful daughters- Makena and Hana- to support kids whose parent has cancer.  Makena and Hana were able to take part in art therapy (where they created a book- My Dad Has Cancer which won a national award), ropes course, and worked with a child life specialist- all of which have helped them tremendously over the past three years.  Mahana Magic’s charge is to make those things available to other kids whose parent has been diagnosed with cancer.

On October 29th we will be holding our first huge event- The Mahana Magic Halloween Monster Bash.  The funds raised from this event will help us to hire the child life specialist and to move forward on our mission.  To find out more about the event please visit

If you can join us- buy your tickets here:

If you can’t join us, please consider making a donation to this very worthy and much needed cause- you can do so here:

Thank you for your support and please share this with everyone you know!