The 100 Day Challenge, Day 15:

This is a great excerpt from the daily devotional Love Out Loud, by Joyce Meyer.

“One key to enjoying each day of our lives is to understand that most of life consists of routine, unremarkable series of events that take place day after day.  So if we are really going to enjoy every day, we must learn to embrace the ordinary- to delight in little things, and to find pleasure in situations other people might overlook.  And as we enjoy life moment by moment, day by day, week after week and year after year, we find that all of life has become rich, deep, and satisfying.”

One habit I really have down- and believe me, it was a habit I needed to develop over time- is that I wake up each morning expecting great things to happen in my day.  I literalyl walk around all day looking for great things to happen.  Because I am looking for them, I notice a lot that makes me smile!  Most of the things I see as great in my days and my life would be things that most other people would think are no big deal.  I enjoy all of the little things all day long, and anticipate them, so when something not so great happens, I don’t really give it that much time.  I might think about it briefly, but I am so programmed now to be looking for the next great thing and noticing in the now what is good, that I really can’t recall in recent memory having what might be called a “bad” day.

The key to this is that is takes time to develop a new habit, a new way of thinking.  It doesn’t happen over night, but over time, day by day- and in the case of mindset shifts it can be hour by hour and even minute by minute!  Set the intention to begin thinking this way, and when you get off track, hop back on.  Each time you get back on track you will go a little longer.  Reflect briefly on how you got off track, but no beating yourself up allowed.  This is a process and being nice to yourself for noticing and getting back on track will get you a lot further that kicking yourself for not doing it “right”.

“You can do anything you want to do.”  My Mom.


PS- The Love Out Loud daily devotional by Joyce Meyer is a great way to further your understanding of love in small bites each day all year long.