The 100 Day Challenge Day 53:

Having a well planned out, thoughtful, on purpose day is a sure way to boost your mindset.  Planning your day the night before is a concept that I work with all of my clients on.  It gives you the best chance of getting what you want to get done and experience in your day.

One of the most important pieces of this- I believe- is how you start and end your days.  Darren Hardy calls these the “bookends” of your day.  What you do when you first wake up in the morning to the time you arrive at work and what you do from the time work ends and bedtime.  These two times of the day set you up for success, or not, depending upon how you utilize them.

In the morning think about doing things that center and energize you.  This is the foundation of the day ahead.  Exercising, prayer, meditation, planning, reading, goal review and setting, eating a healthful breakfast, are all examples of things that work well in the morning.  At night think about things that wind you down, relaxing, reading, gratitudes, reflection on your day, prayer, a light and healthy dinner, maybe an enjoyable walk, and writing out your schedule/plan for the next day can set you up for a peaceful sleep and get you ready to start another great day.

If you are working on going to the next level in your life and want to start maximizing your time each day- this is an excellent place to start!  Use my suggestions and please comment on this:  What other activities would you add to your bookends to make each day more meaningful and successful according to what you want in your life?