The 100 Day Challenge, Day 86:

I posted a John Maxwell quote on Facebook yesterday that I am still thinking about.  It goes like this “If you are going to grow personally, it needs to be intentional and daily.”  Stuff happens to us all of the time, but to be intentional about growing and learning is what will really help you develop into the person who you want to be.  I was speaking with someone I hold in really high esteem later in the day.  She has been in the HR, people development biz for over 25 years.  She said “I am not finished baking yet!”  I love how she put that- and how much fun would it to be finished be?  We all know what finished is!  So, why not have the best possible life ever?

To me, having the best possible life ever means getting through old, unproductive stories.  It means letting things go, forgiving, clearing stuff out.  It means looking for the good and the joy in our days, experiences and the people around us.  It means focusing on the good within us and out in the world.  It means intentionally choosing not to read that bad stuff, or watch that scary or bad show.  It means not engaging in conversation with people who want to be negative, mean, put you down or make you feel bad.  It means being a beam of light that can shine on others and encourage them to join you.

Then I was talking to another great person who has done a lot of successful personal development work and together, with her husband have created a wonderful life for themselves and their children.  She commented that they needed to leave their old stories behind in order to do it.  The past is the past.  Making amends is good, saying your sorry is good and realizing that for the most part people are all doing the best they can with the information they have at any given time.  And let’s not even get started on what hormones can do!  That’s another post.

I am writing this post to continue to encourage everyone out there who is on a quest of personal mastery, and committed to the best life they can have- by their definition.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you that it isn’t possible.  There is a reason there is so much out there on the subject- it is important!

I am also writing this to encourage people who have not really gone there, that maybe it would be too painful to dig into what’s deep inside.  Maybe it’s scary, or you have a lack of belief in the good that personal discovery can bring.  Most likely someone in your past poo-pooed  personal development and self improvement and it stuck with you.  Ask yourself- is that really my true belief or did I pick that up somewhere?

I love Eric Butterworth’s book Discover the Power within You.  If you want a place to start, OR to continue, I highly recommend it.  You have great stuff inside you and the world needs it to come out- and NOW!  Your family needs it, your business needs it, your friends need it, and the person you walk by in the grocery store all need it.  We are counting on you!

Peace and love for a wonderful weekend!