Have you ever known a person who lights up a room when they walk in?  Before they even say a word, they shift the energy in the room for the better?

Saturday night I had the privilege to be in a beautiful theater- the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts- to hear a concert by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, also known as the VSO.  This particular night they had a very special guest- Yo Yo Ma.  Now, of course I had heard of Yo Yo Ma, who hasn’t with that funny name, it certainly sticks in your head even if you hear it once, but I had never laid eyes on him, or heard any of his story.  I knew he played a cello and played it amazingly well, and that was about it.

There were many things I did not know about Yo Yo, like the fact that his cello is 270 years old and worth 2.5 million dollars and that it was once stolen.  I didn’t know that he first played when he was four year’s old and that was when he played for President Kennedy.  And I REALLY didn’t know that he is an amazing person with a mission.

From the minute he stepped on to the stage we were captivated.  He didn’t play a note and he had us all.  His energy and charisma, his humble and joyful attitude were all right there.  His sense of humor and play- you got it immediately.  I smiled!  I was all the way back in row “R” and he made me smile- he made everyone feel immediately connected to him.

And then he played.  He played his cello so incredibly even those of us who know nothing about cellos knew that we were witnessing greatness.  So, his playing was par excellence, but I know you are not surprised to hear that, right, he is Yo Yo Ma, after all, that is what we expected.  What I did not know or expect is how he connects with the orchestra and the audience, how he played with them through the music, the joy, the fun he was having, it enrolled all of us.  He entertained us with his whole being.

So what can we take from his example?  Charisma, charm, connection, a sense of play, joy, FUN- in work and in everything you do- this makes a difference! It’s attractive!   What if we all decided to learn to bring what Yo Yo brings to the world?  What would happen to your results in business and in relationship with others?

How you show up before you say a word is so important.  How much you “entertain” through your actions, intentions and how other’s feel when they are in your presence is so key.

If you want to attain that sparkle that Yo Yo Ma portrays, get really good at what you do and love it.  Read books on charisma and charm and work a plan to incorporate the ideas into your life.  Relax and be cheerful and joyful.  Think about how others are experiencing you.  If you are brave, ask them about their experience of you and be ready for the valuable information you will hear.  Take action on this and you can make the changes you want to make.  Be patient with yourself and before you know it you will be that shining personality- for others and just imagine how you will be feeling inside, too.