The 100 Day Challenge, Day 83:

One of the things that I see commonly in clients I work with is their inability to see their strengths and to give themselves credit for what they do well.  Sometimes it is hard to know what we are good at and what our strengths are.  There are a few things I suggest to work on this:

1. Write out each night 3 things you did well today.  Get in the practice of recognizing this and you will start to see evidence of your strengths.

2.  Fill a notebook with all of the great accomplishments you have had for your entire life.  No matter how big or small- write down everything!  Again, see where your strengths show up.

3.  Buy the book Strengthfinders by Tom Rath and take the online profile.  This will tell you your top 5 strengths and you may be surprised to see that you did not recognize some of them!

We all have special gifts and talents.  Knowing what they are put you in the drivers seat to actually using them!