The 100 Day Challenge, Day 47:

It is a touchy subject talking about religion and spirituality.  I believe that everyone has their own ways of expressing these beliefs and exploring these. What I write here is an expression of my own beliefs, not to mean anyone else’s are not right.  I pull from many beliefs, religions, spiritual sources, whatever you want to call them, to form my beliefs.  I believe in God, some people call a Higher Power or the Universe and there are many other names.  I will say God in this post and you can insert your word, if that makes you more comfortable.

My point in writing this today is not to differentiate, but to encourage you, whatever your beliefs to take some time each week to learn, grow and expand in them.  Being in touch with God gives you confidence and power.  You gain and strengthen the feeling that you are not alone.  Among other things.  Listening to Dave Ramsey, he mentioned a simple way that I liked to add to daily spiritual practice and I wanted to pass it along to you.  If you are a Bible reader, or have ever been interested in the Bible- learning what is in it, expanding your knowledge- this might appeal to you, too.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post Dave Ramsey is all about common sense.  One part of the Bible that deals a lot with wisdom, knowledge, common sense, decisions, life, integrity, finances, etc is the book of Proverbs.  There are so many good, basic, foundational truths to be found there.  Dave’s idea is this:  there are 31 Proverbs- read and study one each day for the month and when you are done, start over again and over again and over again.  For extra depth, have a chat with others about what you are learning.

Whatever you decide to do, decide to do something to put you further along on your spiritual path.  It can help to give you strength in all of the areas of your life.