Do you know that what you are doing in life is what you were meant to do?    The truth is, some of us do feel we are truly already doing what we are meant to do and know it, but most of us are still waiting for the right time, or even running away from that which we know we were meant to do- mostly due to fears, real or imagined.

I just happened to flip the Bible open to the book of Jonah this week.  I would love to brag about reading a whole book of the Bible in one week, but I have to tell you (some of you already know this) the book of Jonah is only a few pages long!  It is long enough, however, to really get you thinking.  We all know the story about Jonah running away from what God would have him do and how he  gets swallowed up by a whale until his fervent praying and promising to God that he will listen get God’s attention-   God then tells the whale to spit Jonah out on the shore.  Jonah goes on to (finally) do what God has asked of him and discovers the joy and success for himself, as well as the impact he able to make on other’s lives.

What kind of whale have you gotten yourself into?  Being inside a whale couldn’t have been all that pleasant.  Like working a job or following the wrong path isn’t all that pleasant.  What has to happen for you to finally follow the path you know you are called to?

Maybe you are already following the path you are destined for.  Look into the corners, the shadows to see in what areas you may still be holding back- where you could be playing bigger on your path.

You don’t have to take huge risks to do this- in fact if you end up like Jonah, you might find it is a whole lot more risky not to following your calling.  Start to look at actions you can take each day or week that start to build momentum and intention and that can inspire you to start moving in the direction you know you must go.  As a coach, I help my clients to design actions that make sense and then hold them accountable to keeping their committments to themselves.

Have fun!  (oh yeah, that’s another part of what happens when you decide to listen to your calling!) and stop running away.