I subscribe to a daily quote from Tom Peters and it never fails to get me going!  One of them is sticking in my mind right now and it was around the idea of putting wow into your vocabulary on a daily basis.  I have been thinking a lot about this.  Wow!  Even looking at the word is exciting- and it demands an exclamation point!  

Consider this:

-Saying Wow!  often means I am noticing things around me that are out of the ordinary, special and even surprising.  This is a good thing- as those things are always around us, we just have to be paying attention.  How can you become more aware to those Wow! things taking place all around you?

-If I look at my work and decide that I want to be working at a Wow! level, it puts a whole new slant on how I think about what I am doing, which results in a more outstanding outcome for my clients.  What if you decided to work at a Wow! level- what would that mean?

-If I decide to put Wow! into my relationships I would be having more meaningful interractions with family and friends.  I might be listening at a higher level and communicating at a higher level.  I might be enjoying the people in my life more, and they might enjoy me more, too.  What would happen if you put more Wow! into your relationships?

-If I choose to put Wow! into my daily habits and actions I might jump out of bed earlier so that I can get a great workout done AND do some reading prior to our house coming to life.  I might push through when I feel like slacking, eating or drinking something that doesn’t fit into my plans, Wow! allows me to stick to my highest values.  What if you were behaving in a Wow! manner regarding the daily actions that will eventually allow you to reach your goals?

You get the idea!  Apply the idea, feeling, energy of Wow!  to every area of your life and see what greatness happens!  This is the perfect time of year to re-vamp your thinking in this way.  Have some fun playing around with this and most of all putting it into action!  Happy Holidays!

By the way- sign ups have begun for the 2nd annual Day of Transformation- it is an incredible day and way to start the New Year.  You can find all of the details here: