March Madness, Day 1:  What is your personal March Madness?  It is whatever you decide it is!  You have 31 fabulous days to create new habits, replace bad ones, learn and study something new, expand your business, devote more time to a hobby or pursuit which you love, change eating habits, get in shape for spring and beyond, and increase your level of over-all greatness! 

You write the rules- even I, a person who does not like rules all that much, loves writing my own rules- it is very empowering.  Write your rules, put them into your planner, write them out everynight for the next day.

Tell yourself, remind yourself- this is only for 31 days of March.  If you want to go back to your old ways April 1st you can.  You can do anything for 31 days.  This is really a trick for your mind because truly, if you stick to something for 31 days it is more than enough time to make a lasting change.

Once you have devised your rules (think mental, spiritual, physical, family, social, community, business, financial) then close your eyes for a moment.  Picture yourself on March 31 when you have followed your game plan (your rules) for the entire month.  What do you look like?  What is your attitude?  How do you feel?  What is now happening as a result in your life?  Keep this picture- spend time during each of the 31 days visualizing this.  Get excited about what you see- bring the feeling of excitement up to nearly bursting when you do.

Have fun making your rules.  They can be about anything that moves you closer to your goals.  You can have a few rules, or a bunch of them- it is all up to you!  Just like following through and getting the results- it’s all up to you!