Life Spring Cleaning 2018

Coming off from Winter in Vermont, I am a mush of feelings and activity- a feeling of freedom and space, along with so much possibility and no lack of ideas for filling the space.

Back to School Season ’17- Grown Up edition

I write a post like this every year at this time! Does this happen to you- do you still get that back to school feeling like you should go back to school clothes shopping, school supply shopping, and excitement about learning new things. When we were growing up we did things like deciding to reinvent … Continued

Half Way Through 2017! Check In and Check Up

Pretty much every year I write a post like this!  It’s not because it’s necessary, which it might be, but I truly enjoy this half way point in the year as a way to reflect and continue on, or reflect and re-calibrate to then continue on. This year I feel very hopeful at this point. … Continued

Happiness In 8 Areas of Life 2017- Health Day 1 of 8

2017 is here, and to me, it feels like it holds a lot of promise.  I am starting with a fresh approach to how I look at EVERYTHING- and it is mighty uncomfortable at times.  My goal is to rid myself of habitual thinking, default thinking, and to really THINK about what I think, and … Continued

Holiday Season 2016- More Joy, Less Stress

It’s that time of year again- so full of wonder, beauty, great smells, sharing, gratitude- just so much good!  It can all be easily over shadowed by an extra heaping helping of stress.  Here are just a few ideas to help you to keep the scale tipped in favor of more joy and less stress … Continued

Can You Coach Yourself?

And the answer is….. YES! So the next question is …how?  Here are a few good tips, which I will also be sharing on WCAX TV’s the :30 show on November 21st at 5:30 pm eastern time! On my last appearance we talked about what coaching is and how it can benefit anyone.  A quick … Continued