The Pursuit of Happiness

Everywhere you look you can find something about happiness- it’s a real thing right now- quotes, books, podcasts, etc.  I personally love all of the information out there, and am especially appreciating the science backing it all up.  I love the conversation and I love to learn more.  When it all boils down, though, it … Continued

Mid Year Check in 2016

The half way point in the year may be even more exciting than the beginning of the new year.  This is because even though the year has begun, even half way through- we have the perfect time to re-assess and get back on course, or change course- further determining what our year will look like … Continued

New Month/New Quarter Check List!

Today is March 31st and another month, and quarter have come to an end! First of all, get yourself a nice pad of paper or journal and pen and resolve to have then with you at all times. I always take time (and ask my clients to, as well) to reflect on the past month/quarter … Continued

Self Love 2016

Last evening on my segment, Get It Together, airing each month on WCAX TV’s The :30 show here in Vermont the topic was all about self love! Self love gets a really bad rap.  Many people feel uncomfortable talking about it- it’s selfish, it’s conceited.  It’s really just the opposite.  One point I made, and … Continued

Act Another Way

At one time in our lives we probably all believed in magic.  The wonder with which we beheld the world was real and open to everything good and beautiful. We can do anything we want in our lives. Things can change as we grow up.  Not always, but for most of us, we lose that … Continued

Harmony in Your Holidays

Harmony- a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts. That sounds like a great way to spend the holiday season- in an organized fashion, things happening in a way that you can count on, and things being pleasantly arranged- sounds enjoyable and peaceful! Is that how you would normally describe your holidays?  If so, please … Continued

How’s Gravity Working for You?

Maybe it’s the Autumn leaves falling to the Earth that have me thinking about gravity.  Or it could be standing on my head- which I have been doing more of lately.  This concept, or natural law, of gravity seems perfect for right now. Gravity, when we fully let it take over, can bring us a … Continued