I’ve been purging and cleaning the piles of great ideas in my office so that I can gain clarity and increased focus moving into the new year!  The piles grow higher throughout the year as I save things that I would like to use or that uplift me.  This at some point becomes a distraction and I decide to take action and clean out the closet.

Though I found many great articles and ideas, there was one simple list written out on a a piece of note paper that fell out of the pile.  I don’t know where I read it, or how I came to write it down- this paper is several years old.  I want to share that list with you as it brought me back to the core of many of the goals that are important to me in this new year.  (and reminded me of a few I had forgotten)    Here’s the list:

10 Life Skills to Use, Have and Improve

1.  Listening

2. Giving Compliments

3.  Accepting Compliments

4. Thinking Positive

5. Saying “No”

6. Laughing

7. Planning

8. Asking Questions

9. Reading

10. Exercising

Talk about clarity!  What skills would you like to use, have and improve on this year?  Adopt this list, or devise your own!