I love new beginnings!   We now have a fresh year in front of us and if you didn’t write your resolutions yet,  it’s okay!  I just read that people that set their goals and resolutions within the first two weeks of the year have an 80% failure rate.  The reasoning for this is that they are still focusing on what didn’t go right last year and are discouraged by it.

This is another great reason to do the year review (see the blog post previous to this one) as this allows you to come from such a powerful and positive place.

I am renewed with the anticipation of all of the exciting things this year can bring. 

 One of my resolutions is to stay in the wonder of what is unfolding- to not have to know everything, control everything or have all of the answers.  To just stay strong in my faith and to trust that everything is happening as it should.  I intend to remain strong in my belief that as I take actions every day that move me in the direction that I want to go that grace and divine guidance are my automatic partners along the way.  My prayer each day is that God bring me the opportunities that are perfect for me and that I have the wisdom, clarity, and the attention to notice them when they come!

If this is also what you want, I wish the same for you and all of the blessings that come with it.