Seeing and feeling wonder, beauty, awe and magic around you in everyday life is such a worthy pursuit.

Some days it might be easy and others it may feel impossible to feel, see. We always have to be intentional, but on those days, we have to be determined to look on purpose.

An easy day is when something like an eclipse- a once in a lifetime magical occurrence- happens right in your backyard. We were so fortunate to experience this on April 8th. We had, at last count, 160,000 people flood into our area from all over the world for this event- many staying for less than 24 hours. That in itself was magical experience!

Many of us “locals” couldn’t imagine what the hype was all about and how people could go through all of what they did to be here for just a few minutes of totality. That was until we experienced it! It was an incredible experience that we will always remember. Surrounded by people we did not know, all cheering together over something so awe inspiring- wow. Experiencing the way the temperature dropped, the light darkened and changed in eerie ways, and the birds even stopped singing during the totality- then the minute a sliver of sun reappeared it instantly felt warmer again. We even saw the sunset on the horizon. Amazing.

This has reminded me to be open, look around and look, on purpose for magic around us. Expect it. Put your antenna up!

Where will you look for beauty and magic today?