Going Inside When You Are Outside

This week’s blog post is very uncomplicated!  I have written many times about the importance of getting outside. For us in the northeast US, summer time is a great time to get outside and to see so much beauty surrounding us. When you get outside and combine it with some kind of meditation, mindfulness or … Continued


In my coaching practice I use this great app called the CLI Values Cards (by Coaching and Leadership International)- my initial use was with the actual, real life cards and then moved to the app. My clients and I pick out a “random” word that comes into our session many times. Recognition is one of … Continued

Celebrating the beauty in your every day.

Beauty. Beauty is something we can give to ourselves no matter what. Beauty starts in your mind, and that is usually something we have control of, when there is little else within our control. How you see something, what it means to you- there is an automatic component to this and then there is space … Continued

It’s that time again: 2024 Mid-Year Review!

Just like that– we are half way through this year- 2024 is going by in a flash. I just returned from my epic trip to Switzerland and Paris. Whenever I think about 2024 I will think of it in two parts- pre-trip and post-trip. I am getting better, but I am a pretty nervous traveler, … Continued

Adventure Solo?

How do you feel about adventuring by yourself? I always love talking to people about their loves and talk about travel is filled with preferences. There can be things to be learned while traveling with a group- teamwork, connection, opening your mind to the ideas of others, co-existing, being flexible and more. Traveling with a … Continued

Adventurous Nerves

One of the things that threatens to get me about going on adventures is nerves. If it is something I have done before, I am fine. If it is something new, especially if it is far away, my nerves are real! A few years ago I had to drive our son to a basketball tournament … Continued

Would you describe yourself as adventurous?

What does it mean to be adventurous? You know, I love to look at definitions- and this is no exception! I am especially excited because the meaning contains a word I love- willing. From vocabulary.com: “Being adventurous means you’re willing to go where you haven’t been before to do things you’ve never done, even if … Continued

What is adventure?

I love looking up definitions of words, especially of words I think I know the definition to. Sometimes I am surprised- like today. According to the definition from Oxford Languages an adventure is an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous experience or activity. Hazardous!?  I must use the word adventure pretty loosely, then! I am not … Continued

Thinking about yourself.

What do you think about yourself? How do you think about yourself? For this last week of Thinking Month at Kimberly DuBrul Coaching, the focus is on you. Many of us were taught not to think about ourselves, but to put everyone else first. Many of us, being burned out from people pleasing, have reached … Continued

Less Opinions Please!

It’s Thinking Month at Kimberly DuBrul Coaching and thing that comes to the surface is all of the over thinking I/we do! One way we can easily over think is engaging in all of the opinions we express all day. Even if there are some we don’t express, we are still thinking about them on … Continued