The 100 Day Challenge, Day 70:

I have had the privilege to speak to both college students and high school students in the past week.  They are so full of hope, excitement and possibility.  One thing that really has occurred to me is that adults can make an impact in the lives of teens in so many ways.

Networking and connecting with others is very important to success in life.  For teens this can be a challenge as they have not been out in the world that much yet, so their connections are limited to those of their parents, for the most part.

So here’s my idea for all adults whenever you find yourself around a teenager from now on:  Ask them “what type of career are you interested in?”  Once you have asked and got them talking, see if you can think of someone you could connect them with that might help them to find out more about that career or to move in that direction.  I suggest they try to interview people, have a lunch or breakfast with someone or shadow them during their work hours.  Can you help them with this?

We all know people, or know people who know people.  This is a great way to be able to give back to young adults and you get to have the awesome feeling that someone who connects others for a greater good gets to have!  If you can’t connect them to someone, or to more information, see if you can find someone who can.