The 100 Day Challenge, Day 71:

Determination is a word that comes up a lot in coaching.  At least it does in my corner of the coaching world, as the clients I work with are really up to some big changes, challenges, projects and re-inventions.  Whenever the word change enters the picture, determination has to come, too, in order to be successful.

One way of looking at determination is that you must determine the path you want to take, determine the best possible choice at the point in time, and then determining how those choices are panning out.  You must determine when to switch gears, who to join forces with and what to focus on.  This use of the word determination is extremely important to the foundation of your goals.  It’s all about purpose.

Once you have done some determining, then you will need to get determined!

One other way of using the word determination is being determined.  It is staying fixed and resolute in your purpose, regardless of the obstacles that WILL come your way.  It is being so clear on what you are doing and what is important about it that nothing will stop you.  You are determined to reach your goals.

Think about the word determination today, in your own life and business. What are you doing well with regards to determination?  Have you skipped the first definition?  At what level have you been using the strength of determination to keep you focused and moving in the direction of that which you most want in your life?

How can you use determination at a higher level in your life, starting today?  What excuses, reasons and justifications have you been using that have caused you to not be determined.  Where have you let determination get in the way of your determining whether you are on the right path?

I think both definitions need to be in play for anyone who wants the best possible success in life and business.  What does that mean to you?