The 100 Day Challenge, Day 72:

Today would have been my Dad’s 76th birthday.  He passed away a little over 4 years ago, and I miss and think about him everyday.  One of the many things I got from my Dad is a sense of humor, silliness, and love of comedy and laughter.  As I think about him today, I think about all of the fun we had watching funny shows and laughing together.  One of his favorites was The Three Stooges.  Today, on his birthday, a brand new 2012 version of the Stooges opens in theaters.  I made a plan with my family to go see the movie tonight in my Dad’s memory.  I want to share those laughs with my kids and am really looking forward to it!

The rest of this post, I dedicate to my Dad and his memory.  He had a lot of challenges in his life, but the one thing I always remember is that even to the very end, he was always joking around.  Humor helped him to have the best life he possibly could, for as long as he could.

Strengthening your ability to look at the light side of things is a worthy pursuit.  So many activities we need to do to grow a successful, joy-filled life are really hard work.  Instilling humor into your days is easy.  Decide now to have a really funny weekend!  Decide to actually look to see how many things you can laugh at.  Get in contact with funny friends, see a movie or movies that make you laugh (instead of serious and disturbing movies) and switch to the comedy station on the radio.  Go to a comedy show or play a game with your family that makes you all laugh.  Surround yourself with humor all weekend long.

Look up some jokes on the internet and maybe tell a few.  Whatever you can do to keep yourself laughing throughout the weekend, do it!  Please share your thoughts and ideas on how to do this, so that we can all benefit from what you are up to!