At one time in our lives we probably all believed in magic.  The wonder with which we beheld the world was real and open to everything good and beautiful. We can do anything we want in our lives.

Things can change as we grow up.  Not always, but for most of us, we lose that keen eye for the magic in life.  We mostly stop seeing the beauty that surrounds us.

Fast forward into adult hood.  We now have well established habits- many that do not serve us in any way.  Memories of mistakes made are clear.  Prevalent thoughts of missed opportunities, second guessing, being hard on yourself, and having others be hard on you has taken a toll.  Taking care of others, takes it toll.

We can become beaten down.  Sometimes we don’t even notice, it happens little by little.

Little traumas and big, adding up to a less than sparkling self.

This happened to me.

I didn’t even feel like myself anymore.  I began to feel awkward around others, not even comfortable in my own skin.


Until I didn’t.

I woke up- it wasn’t a startling waking up, it was a slow, yawning, stretching where things occurred to me, little by little.

Until I realized I was awake and back in life- all in- again.

What happened simply was many years of caring, wonderful friends who listened to me. Cared, loved me and listened to me.

And then I heard an idea.  The idea what that it was okay to be powerless against something.  Not realizing, I had been for years trying to control things in life.  I just thought I was being responsible.

But really I was trying to fix things before they got broken.  Care taking the what-if’s.

Crushed at the first sign it didn’t work.

I never gave up on anything.  It’s my life’s calling- and I am authentic in my belief.  Everyone can have a great life and if you just try hard enough, you can ALWAYS  figure out a solution.  For everything.

But sometimes you can’t.  And sometimes you don’t need to.  It’s not yours to figure out.

The Serenity Prayer.  Could I just stick to the things I could control?  There was a process to come to grips with the reality of the things I could actually control, fix, impact.  It would have felt like giving up in the past, but this time, it felt like freedom.

And it is.

Change is usually uncomfortable.  But so is constantly searching for information, answers, trying to fix something and waiting for the next shoe to drop.  I have more time now!  I focus on being optimal in every area of my life- and I now have the energy to do so.


The whole world opens up.

Be bold.  Lets some things go.

Make your life happen.

You are the only one who can.