Harmony- a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts.

That sounds like a great way to spend the holiday season- in an organized fashion, things happening in a way that you can count on, and things being pleasantly arranged- sounds enjoyable and peaceful!

Is that how you would normally describe your holidays?  If so, please share your tips!

If not, this is a call to bring harmony in, on purpose, to your December through New Year’s day world.  Beginning by asking yourself- what would that mean for me, to feel harmony at this time?

What would have to happen in order for me to feel harmony, given the definition above, operating in my holiday season life?

Make a written list- and don’t sensor yourself, even when you don’t know how it could actually happen, or if it is really possible- this is a wish list for now.  Then look at your list.

What ones are possible now and what steps would need to be taken in order for it to be reality?

What’s left?  What parts of those things could be done?  What is one step you could take to move it forward.

For me, a lot have having harmony between the parts comes down to something I am constantly talking about- pre-planning, planning and planning some more. That is one consistent thing in my life and I credit it as the reason I can get so much done.

Careful orchestration can go a LONG way toward creating harmony.  This just takes a little bit of your time on Sunday to plan the week and a little time before bed each night.  A little input of time for a big out put of harmony.

Here are my major thoughts in creating harmony this year end:

*Commit to less and only agree to things that are priorities in your life and important to you or someone who is a central part of your life. Get comfortable with JoMO- the Joy of Missing Out!  Instead of FoMO- the fear of missing out. Create harmony by reserving your energy for things that you love and want to be your best at.

*Harmony starts with healthy, centered body and mind. A big thing for me in December is to up my yoga class frequency dramatically! Especially with Yin and Restorative yoga to calm and soothe me.  Daily meditation is  really a great answer, as well.

*Laughter/humor are essential to balancing and creating a harmonious day- be intentional with this- funny movies (Christmas Vacation anyone?!), jokes, sitcoms with the kids, comedy club- you name it! Figure out how to put some laughter into each day.

*Don’t go crazy with spending if it doesn’t make sense. Feeling badly finiancially is a sure fire way to through your harmony off kilter.

*Everything in moderation- eating, drinking wise- that is harmony to me.  We all know what this means. It is just being disciplined. Have special rules for work nights and weekends. Enjoy, just be thoughtful about it.

*Music and singing- totally harmonious. As are old traditions like decorating, seeing a Christmas Carol at the theater, caroling, and anything else you like to do that fills you with spirit!

*Get out in nature- as much as possible!- works every time for me to regain and maintain my sense of harmony.

*For me, and you can stop reading here if you choose, prayer keeps me very grounded and centered. It is the foundation of my day with meditation layered on.

I would love to hear your specific ideas for creating harmony in your life during the holidays! Please share here for everyone’s benefit!

Happy Holidays!  Tra la la la la!!,