Maybe it’s the Autumn leaves falling to the Earth that have me thinking about gravity.  Or it could be standing on my head- which I have been doing more of lately.  This concept, or natural law, of gravity seems perfect for right now.

Gravity, when we fully let it take over, can bring us a solid sense of groundedness.  During the Summer I feel like I am living up in my head- being really busy, lots of moving around, lots of thinking. Gravity and being grounded when paid attention to can help to bring us back into our bodies where so much wisdom exists.  We can settle down, and actually think a little less, but create even more.  Think less, but make more concrete decisions.

One of the best ways I know to come back down to Earth (and you can also read this- to relieve some bit of anxiety or fear you may feel in any moment) is the breath intentionally. Deep full breaths are a great place to start. Focus on your breath and let go of tension.

Notice lying on the floor how heavy you feel- Savasana, final resting pose in yoga is a great place to try this- now breath and let each part of your body relax and let go- you will see that though you were letting the floor hold you, you were still holding quite a bit. Trusting gravity and just letting it hold us is an amazing thing to experience.

We can let the idea of gravity lead us to being more settled, able to search within for answers. It can lead us to hunkering in, getting cozy, getting focused and getting so much done- without the frenzied running around. It may even lead you to take a nap- and for you to have the opportunity to observe the gift in treating yourself in this way.

Slow down and get more done? Gravity is our friend- may be a long lost friend- waiting for you to re-discover her.

Coaching questions:

How can the law of gravity help you to slow down, feel held and gain trust in yourself and the work you are sharing with the world?

How can consciously participating in the law of gravity increase your good health, the strength of your mind and your spirituality?

Where have you been trying so hard that you could let go of resistance and get grounded again? How does this benefit you?

How does sitting quietly and breathing change your ability to focus and shift unsettled feelings to settled and positive?

What activities ground you and how will you start to weave them back in to your life, or increase their frequency?

Enjoy using this natural time of year to pull inward a bit to experience gravity in a new and totally intentional way.