Sometimes we feel the need to start over at square one.  From the ground up. Back to basics. Prioritize. Many times this happens when we have been through something traumatic, or something mind shifting, or surprising has taken place in our life. People think this is the time to do a rebuild- and it may be. And there is another perfect time.

It’s anytime. Anytime you feel that little itch of overwhelm, hope, dissatisfaction, surge of energy, wanting to live life more creatively, on purpose- the feeling can come from a negative or a positive feeling place.

A re-build can be a once in a life time thing, or it may be looked at and considered yearly, sometimes every five year, or 4 times a year- you get the idea. It is a great thing to do when you feel called to do it.

The re-build requires looking with a discerning eye into all of the areas of your life. Really deciding what is not working and what is. What are you enjoying and what aren’t you? What are you accomplishing that is important and where would you like different results? And what are those results? How happy are you? What would make you happier? What activities would you like to engage in, but have not made the room for them to exist in your life?

There are just a few questions to get you rolling. The re-build usually involves giving some things up- actions, habits, stuff. Really clearing the slate to build from the ground up. There will be some delays, some backsliding, some hiccups- as there is in the building of anything fine and made to last. What will get in the way?  Account for these things in advance- be prepared. Get a view of the big picture to keep you regardless of what seems to be happening.

Above all- give yourself the permission to change. One of the most challenging things as a human being is that those who know us one way have a hard time seeing us a new way. This can pull us back, and it can be discouraging. You need to be strong enough within yourself to know and see your potential and the potential of your life. Keep that big vision first and foremost- it is possible! It may be a few tweaks, or a complete remodel- whichever it is, it will mean big things for you.

It is never too late to build a life you love. Every minute you wait, you cheat yourself out of it.