I just finished an episode of my BlogTalk Radio Show- Your Year of Transformation and today’s topic was about mid year review- I am summarizing some of the points here on my blog and also feel free to listen to the 30 minute episode here:




I mentioned several great questions that I have learned and used successfully from my mentors.

From Darren Hardy publisher of Success Magazine and author of a great book- The Compound Effect. (I ask all of my clients to read it).

Ask yourself first of all-  What went well?

What did not go well?

What are the fixes?

What are the aha’s?

And from Danielle LaPorte, author and creator of The Desire Map  (these are classes I am also teaching now guiding people through the process) which points you toward your CDF’s- Core Desired Feelings- which can help great decision making and goal setting in a whole different way.

How are you feeling?

What’s working and flowing?

What needs refining or burning down?

What or how have you changed?

And I added to that last question- and what are you bringing to the table in the second half of the year because of those changes?

Some of my simple questions to add to your reflection:

What where your goals at the start of the year?

How far have you come?

Are those goals still important?  If yes, how can you expand them and make them more exciting? If no, in Danielle’s words- what would light you up or make you feel expansive?

The areas to consider in your life are:




Mental /Intellectual




Taking time at the halfway point of the year to reflect will allow you to take stock of where you are to make sure you are on the track you wanted to be on, and to be able to course correct before you go much further into the year. (One of the reasons I suggest actually doing this process on a weekly basis!)  Look at what you have learned- positive or negative- what can you use to move forward in a more powerful way because of this awareness.

Listen at the link above as I will guide you a bit through the mid year process! Thanks for reading, listening and sharing!