The 100 Day Challenge, Day 25:

One of the ways to make sure you are taking stock of all of the awesome things in your life is to start an All Good Things journal.  It is very simple, and also a good way for people who haven’t journaled or have had a hard time with it.  All you do is keep a journal next to your bed (and a pen) and each night before bed you write down all the good things that have happened that day.  Some days it might be one thing, sometimes you will have a long list!  This practice gives you a way to focus on the good stuff, implant it in your brain before bed (sweeter dreams, I believe!) and what you focus on expands in your life.

I started this type of journal two years ago when I was doing my New Year’s resolutions.  I always believe you should get clear on all of the good and accomplishments from the previous year, as a way to get ready to make the next year’s plan.  To do this, I had to go back through my appointment book and write a list, and wrack my brain to remember all of it.  That was when I started the journal, I now have a running account of each year, and no more need to go back and re-create.

The beauty of a journal like this is that when you have a tough day, you can open the journal and be reminded of all of the good in your life.

I know there are always good things happening in my life, but I had no idea how many really until I started this practice.  I know that you enjoy it, too.  Go find a journal- any notebook will do, and put it near the bed as soon as possible- convenience is key, so let this be a journal that just stays put.

PS- and like other journals where you might write about this, that and the other…..if you forget and leave this journal out where people can read it, you won’t be concerned!