The 100 Day Challenge, Day 24:

Here something short, but powerful for you to contemplate over the weekend.

Consider these areas of your life:









Rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 on your level of satisfaction in each area.  (1 is not satisfied at all, 10 is “I’ve got it mastered!”

Now, in each area ask yourself, what would make it a ten- if it is not- and if it is a ten, what would take it beyond a ten?  Write these down.

NOW, ask yourself, what is the one thing in each area that you have been resisting, and maybe even for a VERY long time, that if you just did it once and for all it would change everything for the better in this area?  Write it down.

And now decide what you are going to do about it.

You’ve got the awareness, now take the action!

I love coaching, this is what I do!  I help all kinds of people, in all areas of their lives get clear on what they want, I help them to make a sensible plan to get it, and I hold them accountable to their plan and to what they said they wanted.

You don’t need me to do this exercise and to be successful creating the life you like.  Everyone can do it!

I am here for those of you who want to be pushed to think bigger, be encouraged and supported and to get your butt kicked a little- because I don’t let my clients off the hook!  Plus, I aim to add a huge hunk of fun into all of this, too.