I love this time of year, especially this year as the transformative energy of the Easter season and holiday meeting up exactly with the start of a new week, new month, and new quarter!  If ever there was a time for a fresh start, this is it!

There is so much to be learned from reflecting on what has happened- both to congratulate yourself for what has gone well, and to recognize what has not worked.  I advise my clients to take a mini retreat for a few hours outside of the office to do this work, and to write down what you come up with.  This is the start of the reflection.  The next part is taking what you can learn from those realizations and making a plan with them.

-With the things that went well, how can you expand upon those in the second quarter?

-What new strategies and actions can you take to fix what did not go well as you move forward?

I always suggest that my clients track their actions- as Darren Hardy says “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”  Make a commitment to what you will measure in the next three months.  Decide what specifically you would like to accomplish in the next three months and then define what actions you will need to take  in order to reach your goals.  Are you ahead of goal, behind, or right on track?  If you are behind, what adjustments do you need to get on track?  If you are ahead, is it possible that you may want to increase your goal?

What have you not tracked that would really help you to be more successful in the coming months?

Who will hold you accountable for what you say you want to do?

Some thoughts as you plan a spectacular 2nd quarter:

What is your theme for the quarter?

What books will you read that will help you to expand that theme, achieve personal growth and learn?

What audios will you listen to, and/or what classes will you take?

What breaks/trips will you take to refresh and renew?

What fun do you have planned to balance the work you will be doing?

What actions will you take consistently to keep your stress level down and increase the level of your health?

Be sure to come up with your own questions, tailor your review to yourself.

Putting in the time now to reflect and plan may not look like time you are getting paid for, but it will most surely be the reason you get paid.  It may not look like you are taking action toward your goals, but it will most surely be the reason you will reach them.  Make a solid plan to include reflecting and planning to your schedule at least several times a week, ideally daily.  Take a small chunk of time each Sunday to fully plan your week.

Have fun and here’s to your great success in the second quarter of 2013!  Go for it!