The 100 Day Challenge, Day 88:

Authenticity comes up a lot in coaching.  Actually, it is a reason many people come to coaching, they are searching for their true selves, purpose and  wanting clarity.  Coaching is perfect for working on those things.  As a professional development coach in the areas of mindset, life and business, I have a whole bunch of fun tools we use to uncover and discover these things.

How do you know when you are living authentically?  I believe it is this:

-You feel free to stand for what you believe in, without apology.

-You are not fearful of disagreeing with people and you don’t agree just to go along.

-People in relationship with you feel listened to and cared for by you- whether in your personal life or business.

-Your work is fulfilling and uplifting to you- and even if you don’t have the perfect job or career at the moment, you are authentic in doing the best work possible.

-You spend a lot of time in gratitude.

-You are not spending time manipulating or controlling others.

-You let other people be who they are.

-You are living up to your potential, embracing what you are good at and going for it!

-You recognize that you (and others) are human and we all make mistakes.

-You are in healthy relationships, you have healthy habits and lifestyle.

Look at this list and think about where you are at.  What is calling out to you?  This week, spend some time alone and quiet with a pen and paper.  Write down your thoughts and start to take this process to the next level- you being more authentic in how you live your life- whatever that means to you.