I read this quote yesterday and it really impacted me:

“The more you know who you are

and what you want, the less you let

things upset you.”  Bob Harris, Lost in Translation

So, sifting this apart, the questions become:

Who am I?  Answering this question for yourself right now, right at this point in life, clearly, specifically, in writing.  Otherwise you (and I) are just floating around with a vague idea of who we think we are.  If we are not clear about this, how can we possibly expect our lives to be all that they could be?

What do I want? Really, what is it?  Again, we walk around with fleeting ideas of what we want and need.  Take time to really answer this question, in writing and clearly, specifically.  Think of the areas of your life, if it helps to categorize- spiritual, health, family, social, mental/intellectual, financial, career.

It really seems to make sense to spend some time answering these questions and getting solid on the answers.  If it means only that things that happen upset us less, that seems a worthy pursuit to me!  How about you?  Less time being bothered by anything, is time and energy I can spend on those things I want and expanding who I am.

I am starting a 7 session tele class workshop in June that will span over the summer. Would you like some personal transformation in your life over the summer?  Would you like to approach fall with a fresh outlook, inspiration and with clarity?  Happiness in 7 Areas of Your Life will focus on one area each session and will be recorded and sent to you if you miss a session due to traveling or scheduling conflicts over the summer- so there is no reason not to do it!  This program is beneficial to everyone who wants to answer the questions from above.

Check out my Facebook page- Your Year of Transformation/Kimberly DuBrul Coaching to see all of the details.