The 100 Day Challenge, Day 100!!

The day is here!!  Well, it was actually yesterday, but here I am, still not giving up!  To realize that I missed day 100 when I woke up this morning threatened to be disheartening, but then I just found myself laughing!  One of the reasons that I have done this challenge is the lessen the importance of my idea of perfection in my blogging.  It is not surprise to me when I think about the last 100+ days  that softening perfection being one of the goals, I had several instances of imperfection.  I missed a few days on vacation, some of my blog posts were less than perfect in information, depth, punctuation or spelling, etc.

Here are a few other things I have learned:

-I do not give up, no matter what!

-Even what I thought was imperfect, someone else needed, or liked.

-Challenges bring energy to your life.  (what are you doing to challenge yourself right now?)

-I love to write and when I give myself enough time, I can be pretty good at it.

-I have a lot to learn to become a good writer.

-Planning to blog daily while on vacation with your family is a REAL challenge.

So, now on to the celebration part!  Anytime you do a long challenge, and stick with it, doing something to recognize it is important.  I can celebrate what I learned, which I feel I have while writing this post.  I can also celebrate the discipline and determination it took for me to see this through- even when I didn’t feel like it, even when I forgot or let vacation get in the way and could have thrown in the towel.  I am also celebrating the fact that even though some of my posts were so-so, I did hear from many people over the 100 days that something I had written had impacted them in a positive way.  I also know that there may be many other who have not let me know that they enjoyed something I wrote.

So, am I bummed out that I missed day 100, of all things?  Haha!!  No way- it is the “perfect” ending to this challenge.

Thanks for reading, I hope you are laughing with me.

I think we need to celebrate with dinner out tonight!