The 100 Day Challenge Day 93:

Do you ever hear yourself saying things like “I am swamped!”  “I am buried with work” , maybe “I am completely overwhelmed”?  If so this post is for you!  It is so easy to get bogged down with so many projects and things to do that we don’t even know what to do first.  Here are  tips to help you move forward with peace:

1.  Write down EVERYTHING you are currently responsible for.  Just the action of writing it all down and getting it out of your head will allow you easier breathing!  Many times it looks like a lot less than what we think carrying it all around in our heads.

2. PRIORITIZE the list.  Does everything really need to be done now?  What things could you actually even let go of either altogether or delegate to someone else?

3. Identify what’s been on your list FOREVER that just never seems to get done?  Chances are it is not something that is REALLY important to you, but rather something someone else, or even you, think you SHOULD do.  Make a decision on it once and for all, and if it stays, schedule in an action to move it forward in the next 24 hours.

4. Schedule in a day in the next week where you work on NOTHING!  We all need a break and approaching these things fresh allows you to knock out a lot more than if you just keep pushing.  This is counter intuitive to many, as we have been trained that if you keep pushing you will succeed.  Taking a break here and there will allow you to succeed gracefully!