The 100 Day Challenge, Day 94:

I am having some realizations about Mother’s Day and what it means to me.  I am feeling like somewhat of a bratty kid this year, having done quite a lot of complaining over the past year about the lack of importance placed on Mother’s Day in my house.  I think one of my “issues” is that just like the kid born on Christmas day, my birthday falls exactly one week before Mother’s Day.  I already had my special day, so Mother’s Day is really no big deal.

What I realize and have worked to help my family realize is that birthday and Mother’s Day are completely different.  Yes, you are still recognizing me on my birthday (although I do share my birthday with my son, a fact I will always cherish), but today, Mother’s Day, is for the recognition of all of my motherly efforts.

I don’t need a stack of expensive gifts, or even one, but make me feel recognized, appreciated, even cherished for being the Mom of the family.  YES, I do need this!  Yes, I do know that everyone appreciates it, in my heart, but today…..let’s make a big deal out of it!  Make me a card, or TELL me how much I mean to you.  Think about something I like to do and arrange the doing of it.  This way I know you even pay attention to knowing what I like.  I know you care.

After all the racing around, homework help, late night nightmare chasing, hugging, breakfast, lunch and dinner making, laundry, forgotten stuff delivery, cleaning up, basketball and game playing, reading, and overall just plain making sure that you have a GREAT life, I think that a little extra love and attention is warranted.

So honor your Mother today.  See her if she is nearby.  Call her if she isn’t.  We as Mother’s are doing the best we can, even if we don’t always do everything perfectly.  If you need to forgive, this may be the day.