The 100 Day Challenge, Day 95:

Does the idea of taking a quantum leap in your well being sound good to you?  It is funny, but many times when we think of such things we brace ourselves for all of the doing that is about to happen.  Am I sure I want to do it?  Am I really up to it?  Do I even have the energy?  We immediately start to doubt and question ourselves.

What if I told you that taking a quantum leap in your well being can actually take inaction?  You might be surprised to hear this, and you might be just as skeptical about inaction as you are about action.  That’s what I am talking about, funny!

Sometimes we have to slow down to speed up.  Here is a list of a few things you can experience this week to take your health- mind body and spirit- to the next level this week:

-sit quietly with eyes closed for twenty minutes (without sleeping)

-mediate for 1/2 hour to 1 hour- find a recorded meditation, or use your own mantra.  Also, look into for a great mediation.

-take a slow, fresh air walk- 10-20 minutes.  Enjoy the blooming flowers and the ducks in the pond. (this is a great idea several times a week or daily!)

-take a break to do some rejuvenating breathing- 10 counts in, hold, 20 counts out is a good one to try.  Google breathing exercises- there are many!

-take time after you are up and moving around to do some stretching.  Do a few stretches throughout the day, especially if you have been sitting for more than an hour.

-think about taking a restorative yoga class- you can try many classes for free the first time you go.

-take time to read something personally uplifting for even a few minutes per day.

Enjoy the process of slowing down a bit- you will certainly gain energy and perspective!