The 100 Day Challenge, Day 96:

One of the hardest things to do is to stay on course when something unexpected happens.  Not getting the business you thought you were going to get, losing a client, risking money on something you thought was a sure thing that wasn’t, not being accepted into a group or school or class that you really wanted to get into, not getting the opportunity that was promised you.  These are all real let downs and can easily take the wind right out of your sails.  You can probably add to this list, as well.

The real trick is to figure out how to keep moving forward with an attractive mindset regardless of what has just happened.  When you let the situation really get to you, it is apparent to all, regardless of how you try to cover it up.  Getting square with a supportive mindset as quickly as possible is going to get you more and better to replace what was seemingly lost.

I have made it a real study to watch my mindset on things I feel I have “lost” and had another opportunity to do it again today.  The truth is, that there are no mistakes.  The situation has always been for my higher good, even though I may not have been overjoyed at the time.  I have learned to look for the good in the situation, to bless the situation and the person(s) involved and to be believe in the best for everyone.  This, I believe, leaves me in a positive, and attractive place to make room for something better for me to come into my life.

Staying in the I just “lost” something and it’s not fair mindset is the opposite of attractive- it is repelling.

So snap out of it quickly!  It happened, get over it and move on.  These are the words I say to myself and I take them to heart.  Things happen in life that we do not welcome, they always will.  It is the level of attention you give these things, and not the thing itself that really matters.  Don’t blow it up, don’t be a victim.  Learn what you can and then get focused on what you do want.