In my attempt to come up with my theme for the month of June, on word kept coming up- change.  I kept discounting it as it was not snazzy enough.  Change to so overused and overdone.  But everything kept bringing me back to change. I was even at a restaurant when I was working this out, and looked down the stairs to see the word CHANGE in big, bold letters on the wall. I believe in signs. So, change it is! 🙂

There are a lot of new things happening in our house, but number one milestone is our daughter graduating from high school and soon leaving to go to college-leaving a whole new dynamic in our home. All of the getting ready for this has been very emotional for me (despite a lot of mediation and yoga!) and at times very difficult. We are inventing a whole new relationship- one with more freedom and trust. I am working my darndest to let go of worry – a major change for me when it comes to her. What will I actually do with myself when I am no longer spending time worrying?!

I am taking on new projects with my work- change challenges me to invent a new schedule that allows everything to work in the best possible way.

For some, change is exciting and fresh.For some it is entirely unwelcome.  Why is it so hard for some and not for others? It has a lot to do with what we were taught- and what we were shown as kids growing up. It has to do with past experiences with change.

Everyone can learn to deal with change in a positive way if they choose to.

To start making changes I believe you have to be in a good place personally- acceptance of what is, and not blaming or justifying. Gratitude for what you already have. Do a mind, body, spirit check in to see where you are at. Being in a strong place allows you the energy to see your chosen changes through. So you will see there might be some pre-change changes needed in order to insure success.

I want to mention this. Not all changes are chosen, though, are they? We lose a job, an assignment, a relationship, a loved one, and many other things- the list is endless of possible changes that we can not control. We are not always ready for these things, which makes it more difficult to deal with and accept change. Working now on your resilience and having a strong mind, body, spirit connection will serve you well if and when unasked for change does happen in your life. Building a strong support system of people who can help you and listen to you is also an important consideration in life.

Start to increase your capacity to handle change by choosing a little something to change this month. Maybe, like me, you can decide to clean out your entire house asking “does this item spark joy in me?” (if not, it’s out) (Read the Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up). Maybe it’s one health habit, one tweak of your schedule, maybe it’s a move, a new office. (I moved from my home office to an office outside my home in February and I am still navigating that change!) Whatever it is for this month decide it, write it down and make a plan to see you through it. What has to happen in order for this to be a positive change? What steps need to be taken? List them out. Schedule them in. Get accountability. Have some fun with intentional change, build that muscle and you will be more ready the next time the unexpected occurs.

And for those of you who love change- look for something to shake up with our business- introduce something new, create something different, or in your life tweak a routine or habit for the better.

Please comment below on your tolerance for change and why you think it is that way.  Feel free to say what you are changing this month for some real accountability!