The 100 Day Challenge, Day 41:

Why do we get stuck in an unproductive mindset?  Habit is a big reason.  It’s the way we have thought for a long time, we formed an opinion and that was that.

Most of the time it is easier to keep living with the stuck mindset as changing takes courage- facing something unknown. It takes work, time, persistence and patience.  If we stay stuck we don’t have to face any of those things.  Until you get tired enough of not getting the results you want, you will stay stuck.

Ego is another reason why we stay stuck.  If we change we might have to be wrong- someone else might be right, we might have to admit we were off track.  It’s easier to dig your heels in and keep things the way they are.  There is a lot of risk in change.  Our ego wants to protect us from the unknown, but what it really does is hold us prisoner.

Unless you get a super clear vision of what getting unstuck from a particular mindset will do for you and you are super excited about that possibility, you will choose to stay stuck and your ego will win, because it just won’t seem worth it.  Clarify your vision, write it down, read it daily, think about it and talk about it continuously and leave your ego behind.  This is how we do it!


What’s the benefit to you to staying stuck?

What are the benefits to you if you change?