100 Day Challenge, Day 2:

“Without clarity, there is no prosperity.  Clearing away the rubble makes for clear thoughts.”  Julia Cameron from her new book the Prosperous Heart.

Not a week goes by that at least one client or attendee at one of my classes or speaking engagements doesn’t challenge me on this point:  clearing away clutter makes room for more energy- positive energy.  It makes room for new thoughts, breathing freer, and peace of mind.  “But I know where everything is!”, is the standard answer I get.  While that may actually be true, though I do question that, they are still underestimating the cost of a messy office, home, car.  You can not put a price on the energy that mess sucks right out of you- the sky’s the limit on what good that lost energy could be/could have been doing in your life.

Thankfully, I am happy to say that I am usually able to convince the non-believers into giving it a shot and have been honored to see the results this experiment delivers to them.  “I love how I feel each morning when I walk into my clean and organized office!”, one client said recently “I feel I can start my day with purpose, and even though I “knew” where everything was before, now I could find it much more quickly.  I am wasting a lot less time.”

Clearing clutter and picking up mess is moving forward and takes on energy of it’s own.  You will see that you feel differently when things are clean around you.  You will start to get more done.

If having more prosperity in your life- in any area of your life- is something that is important to you, make a plan to clean something up this weekend.  Julia Cameron suggests doing this in 15 minute increments.  You could call it laser cleaning!  Take one area at a time.  Write down your plan.  Your living areas, your bedroom, your closet, the basement, your office, your garage, closets, and your car are all targets.  Pick one area, write it into your schedule WHEN you will do it and go for it.  Clutter is stealing your prosperity, clarity, creativity and peace of mind.  Isn’t now a great time to get it all back?

I do, by the way recommend The Prosperous Heart, by Julia Cameron- what I am enjoying most is that she really helps you to see all of the ways prosperity can and does show up in your life.  It’s not just about money.