The 100 Day Challenge, Day 3:

I think personal development has gotten a bad wrap.  Sometimes mixed up with self-help (which is not the same thing), maybe people don’t like the word help?  I think self- improvement could be another way of saying personal development-  I think it’s great and here’s why!  I met with someone today who is so excited about personal development- she enjoy incorporating it into her daily life and now has a business helping other people get access to great thinking, books, cd’s, etc- everything to help them on their personal development journey.  She had the glow!  So what is this about really?  It is about your mind getting excited about something, it is about your mind growing and expanding because you are engaged in learning something new.

There are no rules in my book- your personal development is just that, personal.  What do you want to learn more about?  What skills or knowledge would you like to pick up?  What new habits would benefit you in the way of living a more fun , joyful and prosperous life?  What habits would you like to kick to the curb because they are doing just the opposite?  All of these are personal development.

People get stuck on thinking that personal development is only about motivation and success-two areas I love to learn and expand in- and some think it is just about learning about how to be happy- another area I love to study!- but really it is up to you.  The bottom line is the constant involvement in personal development for yourself will lead to more energy and increased fun and joy in your life.  There is a glow that you will pick up- much like the person I was lucky to spend time with today- that makes people want to find out what you are up to!  Being engaged in learning and improving in any area of your life, will benefit other areas of your life in some surprising and wonderful ways.

Are you picking up on a theme in these 100 day challenge posts?  If you choose to read this blog for the next 100 days and you choose to take some of the information and take action on it, my intent is that you have more energy, joy and fun happening in your life- in all areas!

Today’s challenge:  Make your own personal development plan for the year- is there one thing you want to work on/learn or multiple things?  Plan out how you will do this in writing and start on the first one this weekend!  And most of all- have fun!!  Catch that glow!!