The 100 Day Challenge, Day 44:

One of the themes of 2012 that I am noticing is the theme of community and collaboration.  Where people used to keep things to themselves, take care of themselves, not share, not include for fear of losing out somehow, I am now seeing people joining together, working together and creating much more than they ever created before on their own.

Just in my circle of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances I am seeing multiple examples of this.  Why?  One reason is that people are getting tired of going it alone. And they are getting tired of having great dreams, only to have no time or resources to make them flourish.

People are bonding together on all kinds of projects, each bringing their particular  skill, talent, specialty, etc, to the table.  These are work projects, non-profit projects and personally thrilling ventures.

Time to dust off the old dream books folks.  Pull out those old notebooks full of goals and dreams.  What did you want to create that got tabled due to lack of time, expertise, funds, etc.  Which of those, if you had involved others, would be flourishing now?  Now is the time, the time is right, the energy is right.  Trust it.  How many times have you said “I had that idea!”, but now someone else is doing it.  Don’t let that happen again!  Sometimes we just need help.

If nothing comes to mind, look around at all of the non profits in your community?  Or think about schools.  Where could you apply your greatest skills and talents for a big mission?  What are you interested in?  People are always looking for help for so many important things- for people of all ages, for the environment, for education, for the arts: there is an endless list.  You can find an opportunity to do something you love to do that your work may not allow you to do.

Think about community today.  Think about collaborating with others for the greater good, and for the good of your dreams.  Dare to let others in.