The 100 Day Challenge, Day 43:

If you are in business whether in sales, or you own your own business, or you lead a team in a corporation- anything is business- being clear, knowing, internalizing your value is essential.  So many times we come to the public with an almost apologizing air when talking about our business.  We approach people tip toeing and not wanting to disturb them.  If you notice that you do this, stop, get pen and paper (right now) and make a list of the value you and your product bring to prospects and clients.

Start to read this list every morning before you start your day.  Become firm and confident in your value.  There is no apologizing when you know that what you do or offer makes a positive difference in people’s lives.  People’s experience of you is completely different when you approach them with this mindset.  Who do they want to buy from or work with?  The meek and apologizing?  NO!  The excited, confident person who is ready to do a great job for them is the person they choose- every time!!

1. Write down the value you,your company,  your service and/or product bring to clients and consumers.

2. Read each morning before you start your day.

3. Begin to approach people with this confidence and clarity behind you to see your results improve dramatically, as well as your enjoyment of the process!


“If my business is as good as my thinking, I am in trouble!!”  Christian Simpson  We have to constantly be working on our thinking!