This month has been devoted to thankfulness and gratefulness at my blog.  As the end of the month nears, I am thinking about how important keeping the spirit of this thankful time of year present year around would be.

It is great that we have Thanksgiving and the weeks preceeding to bring to consciousness rememberance of all the wonderful things that we have in our lives.  Many people joined me this year in bringing their levels of gratefulness to new levels, and some even taking the Thanksgiving week challenge to write down 500 things they are thankful for.

Though this time of year and throughout the holidays can be magical, realistically we know that every other time of year is just as magical.  It is just that we may be more purposeful about looking for the magic right now.

What if you treated the entire year with the spirit of Thanksgiving?  How would things look better to you in your life if you immersed yourself in gratefulness for the next year, and beyond.

Try these ideas:

Keep a daily gratitude journal all year long.

Write at least on thank you note or email each day to someone who deserves it.

Tell at least one person, in person, each day why you are grateful for them or something they have done for you or others.  Thank them.

How are you thankful for yourself?  Write down a few things each day to pat yourself on the back.  Giving ourselves personal recognition is many times the last thing we are inclined to do.  It is not selfish or self centered- this is for you in the privacy of your journal.   Strengthen yourself with this new habit.

What else could you do to make this next year the most gratitude-filled of your life?